What are the other names of Karna?

Other names of Karna

Name     Story behind the name
Because Karna was nurtured by Bhishma’s charioteer
Adhirath Sushen.
Suryaputtra KarnaHe was born after chanting the mantra of Surya Narayana, hence
he is called the son of the Sun God.
VijaydhariBecause Lord Parashurama gave a victory bow to Karna,
which belonged to Lord Shiva. It is said that as long as this bow was in Karna’s hand, it was impossible to defeat it in battle.
Anga Raja Karna Because Duryodhana declared Karna the king of
Anga Pradesh, Karna is also called Angraj.
Radheya KarnaHe put Radhey in front of his name to honor his mother.
That is why he is also called Radheya Karna.
Parashurama Shishya
 Because Karna was a disciple of Lord Parashurama.
Danveer KarnaKarna was a very big donor, that is why he is also known as
Danveer Karna.
Kunti Putra KarnaKunti was the real mother of Karna, Karna is also
called Kunti Putra Karna.
Maharathi Karna The title of Maharathi is given to a great warrior.
Sut Putra KarnaBecause they were nurtured by Adhiratha who was a Sut.
Sut was a lower caste.
Other names of Karna

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