What are the merits of Democracy?

Merits of Democracy

Merits of Democracy ( Arguments for Democracy )

  • Based on Equality and Freedom – Democracy is based on the freedom of the individual and equality between people. 

In a democracy, every person has the right to vote, irrespective of any caste, religion, poor or rich.

  • Independent and Impartial Judiciary – A democratic country has an independent and impartial judiciary, which protects fundamental rights.

The judiciary protects the common people from the tyranny of the government and encourages them to protest against the wrong policies of the government.

  • Public Welfare – The desire of the leaders to win the election again, encourages them to work for the public interest. 

In a democratic country, the government initiated several schemes for public welfare.

  • Better Decision Making – Before implementing any policy in a democratic country, it takes intense thought and debate. This process improves the quality of decision making
  • Accountable Government – Government is responsible for its good and bad policies. We are able to criticize and resist the wrong policies of the government.
  • Democracy Supports world Peace – We have seen many examples in history that dictators and monarchs have disturbed world peace, their ideologies are like expansionism and fundamentalists. 

Democracy promotes peaceful co-existence, and democratic countries believe in resolving international disputes by peaceful discussion and compromise.

  • No Political Disturbance – In a country where there is a consolidation of power, there is always the possibility of rebellion, there is always political turmoil, but in a democratic country, everything happens in peace.
  • Free Press – Media is known as the fourth pillar in a democracy, the media maintains transparency in the country by keeping an eye on the executive, judiciary, and legislature.
  • People remain united in a democratic country – For example – people in India speak different languages, believe in different religions. Democracy keeps our country together and United.
  • Balance of Power – In a democratic country there is a balance of power, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary keep an eye on each other.
  • Conclusion – Democracy is considered the best form of Government.

Why democracy is a better form of government?

1- It promotes peace

2- Freedom and Equality

3- Better Decisions

4- Decentralization of Power

5- It allows the government to correct its mistakes

6- Right to choose their leader

7- Independent Judiciary

9- Democracy binds people in a thread

10- Free Press

11- Public Welfare

12- Balance of Power

13- No Political Disturbance

14- Accountable Government

15- Democracy provides a better mechanism to solve the Differences.

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