What are the Demerits of Democracy?

Demerits of Democracy

Arguments Against Democracy ( Demerits of Democracy )

  • Democracy leads to instability –  In a democratic country, Leaders change constantly, making it difficult to adopt any long-term policy. For example – USA President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but as soon as Joe Biden came to power he included the US in the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • No widespread participation of voters in elections – In a democratic country it is said that the people rule. But if we look at the figures, only 50 to 60% of the people vote in an election, this means that the election process is insignificant for the remaining 40% of people.
  • Democratic countries prove weak during the Emergency – Democratic countries appear weak during wars, Pandemics, and violence, because in a democratic country due to the decentralization of power does not make it possible to make big decisions quickly.
  • Competition and Power play – Many times, leaders adopt wrong paths to win the elections, they forget morality.
  • Slow decision-making process – In a democratic country, major decisions take a long time, first, the bill is introduced in Parliament as a draft proposal, then it is debated and then the bill is passed, it becomes law after the President’s signature.
  • Ordinary People – Ordinary people do not know what is good for them, they vote only after seeing religion, caste, and color.
  • Democracy leads to Corruption – Everyone has fundamental rights in a democracy, due to the lengthy legal process, the fear of administration within the people is over. This increases corruption in the country.
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