Top 10 most powerful warriors in Mahabharata – You Must Know

Top 10 most powerful warriors of Mahabharata

Today we are going to talk about the warriors of Mahabharata whose saga still touches the hearts of people, after all, who were the Top 10 most powerful warriors in Mahabharata. let us know about them. He was also the top 10 greatest warriors of Mahabharata.

Top 10 most powerful warriors in Mahabharata

Top 10 most powerful warriors of Mahabharata
Top 10 most powerful warriors of Mahabharata

10 – Duryodhana

Nickname – Suyodhana
Father – Dhritarashtra
Mother – Gandhari
Wife – Bhanumathi
 Weapon – Mace
Guru – Dronacharya and Balarama

Duryodhana was the son of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Duryodhana was the eldest brother, among a hundred Kauravas, he was also a great warrior.

The ability to drive mace was not known to anyone better than Duryodhana, at that time, he was one of the best warriors in the world in terms of mace. It is said that they had the strength of thousands of men, and with this, they had the amazing physical ability.

He was not affected by minor physical injuries. Duryodhana always committed wrongdoing.

Martial Arts – Duryodhana had learned the art of war from Gurudron and Kripacharya and learned to drive mace from Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krishna, the biggest reason for this big war was Duryodhana.

9- Bhima

Father – Pandu (Bhima is also called the son of Vayu.)
Mother – Kunti
Wife – Draupadi and Hidimba
Bhima’s main weapon – mace
Guru – Dronacharya, Balaram

Everyone knows, Bhima put 99 Karvos in the lap of Kaal, including Duryodhana. Bhima’s mother was Kunti and Vayu Dev was his father, he was the second eldest of five brothers. The story is also that he had the power of one lakh elephants. He was equally as powerful as his father and Indradev.

Bhima had learned to drive sword and mace from Shri Krishna’s elder brother Balarama.

8- Abhimanyu

Father – Arjun
Mother – Subhadra
Children – Parikshit
Wife – Uttara
Weapons – bow and arrows, mace
Guru – Arjuna, Balarama, Praduman

Abhimanyu fought the war of Mahabharata at the age of only sixteen. Abhimanyu’s father was Arjun and his mother Subhadra, and he spent his childhood in Dwarka under the shadow of Lord Krishna.

Abhimanyu was such a child who had a great ability to learn. You can guess that Abhimanyu learned to penetrate Chakravyu from his mother Subhadra’s womb when Arjun was telling Subhadra about the war strategies, But Abhimanyu could not learn to get out of Chakravirv due to Subhadra falling asleep. For this reason, he fell into Chakravyuva and was surrounded and killed. Abhimanyu received the knowledge of Dhanur Vidya from Arjuna, and knowledge of mace war from Balarama.

7- Ghatothkach

Father – Bhima
Mother – Demonic Hidimba

Ghatothkach was Elusive, Ghatothkach’s father was Bhima and his mother was the demonic Hidimba, hence he also had elusive powers he could make his size small and big.

He could also have many divine powers. You can guess the power of Ghatothkach by the fact that Angaraja Karna used the divine weapon to kill him.

6- Ashwatthama

Father – Dronacharya
Mother – Kripi
Guru – Dronacharya
Weapons – Bows and Fences
Divya Astra – Brahmastra, Narayana Astra, Vayu Astra,
Naga Astra, Agni Astra, Varuna Astra etc.

Ashwatthama is also known as Chiranjeevi due to the curse of Lord Krishna, Ashwatthama’s father was Gurudronan, and his mother Kripi, Dronacharya made Mahakala happy by doing a lot of hard penance and asked for the boon of being a powerful son.

As a result, Ashwatthama was born with a mani. Due to that mani, he did not feel hungry, Thirst, fear. He also had many divine weapons and when angry, he took the same terrible form as Lord Shiva. Ashwatthama was the only one that used the Narayan weapon in the battle with Arjuna.

5- Arjuna

Father – Pandu (Arjuna is also called the son of Indradev)
Mother – Kunti
Wife – Draupadi, Ulupi, Chitrangada and Subhadra
Children – Shrutakarma (from Draupadi), Abhimanyu (from Subhadra),
Iravan (from Ulupi), Babruvahana (from Chitrangada)
Guru – Dronacharya

Weapons – Bows and Arrows

Arjuna was the third eldest of the five Panduos. Arjuna’s mother was Kunti and her father Indradev was the most powerful warrior among his brothers. Arjuna learned Dhanur Vidya from Dronacharya. Dronacharya made every effort to make him the best warrior in the world, and Arjuna became one of the most powerful warriors in the world. Gradually, he surpassed even his mentor Dronacharya.

Arjuna possessed many types of divine weapons as well as very good knowledge. At the behest of Lord Krishna, Arjuna did not use any divine weapon in battle.

4- Guru Dronacharya

Father – Bhardwaj
Wife – Kripi
Children – Ashwatthama
Weapons – Bows and Arrows
Guru – Parshuram and Maharishi Agnivesh
Guru Dronacharya

Dronacharya was also the guru of the Pandavas and the Kauravas, he fought the Mahabharata war on behalf of the Kauravas because of his promise. Dronacharya’s father was Maharishi Bharadwaj.

He was educated by Agnivesh, a disciple of Maharishi Bharadwaj. When Lord Parashuram was donating everything to the poor, there was also Dronacharya but Parashuram had already donated all his wealth. That is why Dronacharya asked for donations of Dhanur Vidya. Dronacharya was married to Kripi.

3- Karna

Nickname – Angaraj, Radheya, Suryaputra, Vijaydhari, Vayusena
Father – Pandu (Foster father Adhirath) (Karna is also called Surya Putra.)
Mother – Kunti (Raising Mother Radha)
Wife – Vrushali and Supriya
Children’s – Vrushsen, Bansen and Vrishketu
Guru – Lord Parashuram
Suryaputra Karn

Karna was born with Kavach and Kundal, his mother’s name was Kunti, and his father Surya Dev. Karna was born before Kunti was married, that is why Kunti abandoned Karna.

Adhiratha found Karna flowing in the River Ganga. Karna was Cradle by Adhirath and Radha. That is why he got the name Radhya, Karna got knowledge of Dhanur Vidya from Lord Parashurama.

Karna was the eldest brother of Padavo but he fought the Mahabharata war on behalf of the Kauravas because of his promise and friendship. Karna was a huge donor, who donated his armor and coil to Indradev.

It is said that due to the armor coil, there was no effect of any weapon. You can guess the power of Karna from the fact that Arjun had killed Karna with deceit even without armor and coil.

2- Bhishma

 Nickname – Gangaputra, Pitamah and Devavrata
Father – Shantanu
Mother – Ganga
Guru – Parashuram
Weapons – bow and arrows, sword and mace

Bhishma Pitamah had almost destroyed the Pandavas army. Bhishma’s father was Shantanu and his mother Ganga. Bhishma had the blessing of wishing death, this boon was given by Mother Ganga herself. Bhishma was the grandfather of the Kauravas and Panduos as well as the first general of the Kauravas. He fought the Mahabharata war on behalf of the Kauravas because of his promise. 

Bhishma had gained knowledge of Dhanur Vidya from Parasurama. You can guess the power of Bhishma from the fact that Lord Krishna had to break the pledge not to take up arms in the war. It was impossible to defeat Bhishma in battle.

1- Lord Shri Krishna

Place of birth – Mathura
Nickname – Vashudeva, Paramatma, Madhav, etc.
Father – Vasudev (Father Nanda, who Cradle)
Mother – Devaki (Mother Yashoda)
Wife – Radha, Rukmini and 16000 thousand Rania
Lord Shri Krishna

It is said that Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was also the guide and charioteer of Arjuna. Even if they have vowed not to take up arms in war. Nevertheless, he had saved Arjuna’s life many times.

10 most powerful warriors of Mahabharata, some warriors did wrong, some sacrificed.

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